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Meet The Owner


I began my healthcare career as an EMT-B, from there I obtained my LVN.  During the course of my career, I witnessed the lack of training, knowledge and care from different health care disciplines;  I wanted to make a change. 

I became a Registered Nurse in 2018 with the support of my husband (David). 


He encouraged me to be:

-Dedicated to my patient,

-Acknowledge areas where I can grow,

-Value my position no matter how big or small the responsibility,

-Innovate ideas, and have a

-Desire to succeed

                            This is DAVID's Vision!

Divine Intervention Career Institute is a career college dedicated  to providing quality training and education to individuals who have the same vision and passion as David and myself.   Divine Intervention Career Institute provides up to date education and training to individuals who will be caring for yours, mine, and their loved ones.

Chief Operating Officer

Administrative Staff


Enrollment Specialist



CPR Instructors

Julian     BLS/First Aide Instructor


Jordan First Aide CPR Instructor


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